Tempe, Arizona - Hownd, provider of a promotional marketing platform that helps local merchants build stronger, healthier relationships with nearby consumers, and Hearst Newspapers, publisher of the Houston Chronicle and other newspapers in Houston and beyond, have announced a joint marketing agreement and pilot project in the Houston area that will see the two companies work together to better serve local brick and mortar businesses.

Hownd helps local businesses with physical locations generate revenue from their existing customers and find new customers via its proprietary digital marketing platform. A combination of cloud software and a mobile app, Hownd connects local merchants to nearby consumers and then tracks proven consumer visits that can be directly attributed to a merchant’s advertising expenditures.

The joint pilot will include an innovative combination of platforms that bridges print and digital advertising. For example, consumers may first learn of a merchant’s promotion via print advertising in Hearst publications and then complete their visit on the Hownd platform, connecting print and digital worlds and providing merchants with trackable advertising across media types.