Gainesville, Florida - The struggling employees of an eatery in Gainesville, FL that was hard hit by the coronavirus epidemic got a lift recently when a patron paid his $144.66 dinner tab, adding a $10,000 tip, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. When the unnamed philanthropist, his wife and son finished their meals he asked the owner of the Wahoo Seafood Grill if he would gather his staff so he could have a word with them. 

The diner thanked the restaurant’s ten employees, informing them of the big tip each of them had earned -- $1,000 each.  Shawn Shepherd, who owns the Wahoo Grill, took to Instagram to express his thanks, writing: "I'm not usually an emotional guy, but this really got me. I'm blown away. We're ALL blown away by his generosity. The last year and a half hasn't been easy on this industry. We're hurting and we're exhausted, but this incredible act of kindness has restored our faith in humanity."