Yuma, Arizona - After a devastating year, if seniors could have anything in the world this holiday season, a new report shows their Number One wish is to have a homecooked meal with family.  Of course, a spa day, Uber Eats subscription, or cold hard cash works for them, too.

As bad as 2020 has been for everyone, it is exponentially worse for our beloved seniors. They have accounted for 80% of COVID-19 deaths, 27% of seniors live alone and in a normal year nearly one-third experience sadness during the holidays. This year, it is expected to be even harder with many unable to spend the holidays with their families because of COVID-19.

SeniorCare.com today released a report Top Holiday Gifts and Gestures For Seniors in 2020 after surveying more than 10,000 seniors and asking for their input on what gifts and personal gestures would bring them joy during the holidays.

Below you will find the top 10 gifts, gestures, and key takeaways and the report contains a more extensive list.

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas Most Liked by Seniors:

  1. House Cleaning Service: 88% of seniors like this gift idea
  2. Chocolate: 87%
  3. Fruit Basket: 83%
  4. Cash: 79%
  5. Everyday Items (stamps, shampoo, etc.): 79%
  6. Meal Delivery Service (Uber Eats, Grub Hub): 78%
  7. Snacks: 78%
  8. Cheese and Crackers: 77%
  9. Gift Cards: 76%
  10. Automotive Service: 76%

Honorable Mentions: Flowers (72%), Streaming Subscription (60%), Spa Day (56%).

Top 10 Personal Gestures Most Liked by Seniors:

life you are thinking about them with a thoughtful gesture.

  1. Homecooked Meal: 90% of seniors like this idea
  2. Invite to Restaurant for Dinner: 81%
  3. Help with Technology (tablet, phone, kindle): 80% of seniors like this idea
  4. Phone Calls: 80%
  5. Help Around Home: 78%
  6. Declutter Garage or Basement: 78%
  7. Handwritten Cards: 78%
  8. Go Grocery Shopping: 77%
  9. Revive Family Traditions: 75% of
  10. Go for a Walk: 74%

Honorable Mentions: Clean the Car (66%), Watch a Movie (61%), Review Finances (58%).

Here are several key takeaways:

  • For Seniors Who Lost a Spouse: Consider gifts and gestures that were previously fulfilled by the spouse. Men favored food baskets, grocery shopping, and home cooked meals. Women favored landscaping, automotive, and home maintenance help; as well as spa/salon visits, and flowers.
  • High vs. Low Tech: Try to go for low-tech ways to reconnect like sharing meals, phone calls, cards, and going for a walk instead of suggesting the latest video conferencing app.
  • Gestures vs. Gifts: The top gestures are just as popular as the top gifts. If anything, gestures are slightly preferred if you consider that the top gifts include house cleaning, meal delivery, automotive, and yard services - all things that you could give as a gift by paying for the service or as a gesture by doing them yourself.

Given these challenging times, hopefully these recommendations can help brighten the moods of the older loved ones in your life.  Here is to a great holiday season and many more.