Rabbit Hash, Kentucky - Nothing describes the competitive nature of an election as the term “dog eat dog,” but the town of Rabbit Hash, apparently figured out some time ago how to keep things civil when election time comes around. 

The main qualification for mayoral candidates is that they must be dogs-- real dogs, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. This year Wilbur, a French bulldog, defeated the incumbent Mayor Brynneth Pawltro, a pit bull, who had held the office since her election in 2017. The practice of having dogs serve as mayors goes back to 1988 when the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, which owns the town, decided it would be a great way to raise funds. There are no restrictions on who can vote. You don’t even have to be a citizen. Anyone, anywhere in the world can cast a ballot, which must be accompanied by a dollar bill. This year the town raised $22,985, the biggest take since Goofy Borneman-Calhoun, a mixed-breed dog, won the town’s first mayoral race.