Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey Wednesday joined Amazon and Beacon Group, which offers employment services for people with disabilities, to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Arizona is committed to ensuring individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to give back and find meaningful work. On November 16, 2017, Governor Ducey issued an executive order to direct state agencies to enhance job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

This February, Governor Ducey visited First Place-Phoenix to highlight its work to support individuals with disabilities to live more independently. First Place-Phoenix is an inclusive housing community that provides residents with education, training and creative inspiration to develop a lifestyle that is meaningful and fulfilling.

In strategic alignment with the governor’s executive order, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System has updated its Contractor Operations Manual to specify that employment is the first and preferred outcome for all working aged Arizonans who have disabilities. Contracted health plans are expected to:

  • Support members as they seek employment;

  • Help them make informed decisions about employment;

  • And ensure that they understand the value of employment without the fear of losing benefits.

The Department of Economic Security’s Division of Developmental Disabilities offers Employment Services, which provides members throughout the community with training and support. The Employment Services include Group Supported Employment (GSE), Individual Supported Employment (ISE) and Employment Support Aid (ESA). In Fiscal Year 2018-2019:

  • 2,352 members received GSE services;

  • 104 members received ISE services;

  • And 163 members received ESA services.