Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed February as Career and Technical Education Month to recognize the importance of preparing students for college or a career after graduation.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs give students the hands-on skills needed to enter and succeed in the workforce. Governor Ducey’s fiscal year 2020 budget invests $10 million to expand CTE offerings across Arizona. Through a grant program, high schools with CTE programs will receive up to $1,000 for each student who graduates with a certification in specific industries.

The budget also invests $20 million to expand Pima Community College’s Aviation Technology Program and $5.8 million to expand Maricopa Community College’s healthcare offerings.

In his 2019 State of the State, Governor Ducey said:

“Our education leaders are creating the "shop" classes of the 21st century. It’s called Career and Technical Education — CTE. Today, students in these programs are training to becoming nurses, pilots, pharmacists, bankers, firefighters and software developers, all before graduation… These are programs we plan to build, expand and align with the jobs of tomorrow. And my budget will do just that.”

Governor Ducey will tour and view CTE programs offered at Westwood High School in Mesa, and, later in the week, will be in Tucson to view CTE programs offered at Pima Community College and Desert View High School.