Tucson, Arizona - The Tucson Field Office (TFO) is monitoring the movement and arrival of the migrant caravan. In planning, TFO officials recommend commercial enterprises review and update their business resumption plans in case of disruption to commercial operations at Arizona ports of entry.

At this time, the TFO anticipates two possible scenarios.  In the first, the caravan arrives in a peaceful manner and the ports are able to continue processing in an orderly fashion.  In the second, the caravan arrives and tries to enter by force, disrupting current operations.

In the event the Tucson Field Office determines the group will disrupt operations, officials will provide information alerting businesses to implement their contingency plans. 

CBP’s priority is the safe and orderly processing of asylum seekers while maintaining port operations.  If asylum seekers affect private vehicles or cargo movements, the business resumption plan calls for the re-establishment of operations from low risk lanes to higher risk lanes. 

The Tucson Field Office is working closely with Servicio de Administracion Tributaria, Mexican Customs, and will prioritize the processing of the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) and Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) lanes, followed by the Ready Lanes and then all others lanes. 

Again, TFO is monitoring the situation 24/7 and will attempt to keep publics informed. Please continue to work on contingency plans.  For questions related to this notice, please contact either the local port in your area or TFO at the phone numbers listed below:

  • Tucson Field Office: 520-407-2323
  • Douglas: 520-364-1240
  • Lukeville: 520-387-5671
  • Naco: 520-432-5349
  • Nogales: 520-397-2138
  • San Luis: 928-722-6882