Washington, DC - The United States and China welcome three new EcoPartnerships for 2017. Over the past nine years, the State Department-sponsored Ecopartnerships program has facilitated 42 partnerships among experts and innovators from U.S. and Chinese cities, companies, universities, and NGOs. Those partnerships have produced tangible results in addressing the challenges facing the energy and environmental technology sectors.

The three new EcoPartnerships for 2017 are:

Capstone Turbine and BROAD Air Conditioning will develop combined cooling-heating power (CCHP) systems to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

National Resource Defense Council and Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau will focus on the establishment of market mechanisms for energy demand response, the integration of renewable energy into power grids, and best practices for the design of electricity pricing and grid planning policies.

Louisiana State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will work together on conservation and management of wetlands through joint data collection and analysis that will develop research capabilities in both countries.

EcoPartnerships mobilize private sector investment and leverage capital to move forward new and innovative solutions to global energy and environmental challenges, creating new opportunities for U.S. companies. EcoPartners invaluable peer-to-peer collaborations have led to the piloting of new technologies and systems and the sharing of best practices in these fast moving fields.