Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey: "Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump and my friend Mike Pence on a great and historic victory. This is an exciting moment, and I look forward to working with the new president and administration to expand opportunity for all our citizens. Now is the time for elected leaders to come together, heal the divisions of the past, and work to finally provide Americans some relief from the federal government. I know that I join other governors across the country in standing ready to partner with the new administration and Congress to empower states and citizens, in keeping with the principles of our republic.

"We are still waiting on all the votes in Arizona to come in, but I am proud that so many said 'no' to recreational marijuana in our state. This is a great message for our state to project to the country - protecting our kids from the marketing of edibles, ensuring public safety and keeping out-of-state special interests from writing laws to line their pockets. I thank everyone who partnered with us in that effort, as we await a final result.

"I also want to congratulate all the new and returning members of the Arizona House and Senate. Many faced tough races and overcame big odds. I look forward to working with all legislators, of both parties, to advance our economy, improve our schools and lift the lives of all Arizonans.

"The people of Arizona and America have spoken, and they have spoken loudly and definitively. Now, it’s up to leaders to lead and deliver results for the people we serve."