FTC to Provide Additional Insights on Reasonable Data Security Practices

Washington, DC - As part of its ongoing efforts to help businesses ensure they are taking reasonable steps to protect and secure consumer data, the Federal Trade Commission is publishing a series of blog posts using hypothetical examples based on lessons from closed investigations, FTC law enforcement actions, and questions from businesses. These new posts will build on the FTC’s Start with Security guide for businesses.

Colombia Independence Day

Washington, DC - Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson: "On behalf of the United States, congratulations to the Colombian people on the 207th anniversary of your independence.

Monsoon season matters

Yuma, Arizona - Monsoon season has been here officially since June 15th, but we are starting to see more storm activity around the state. We never know when it will be our turn!

FTC to Small Businesses: Gather Round

Washington, DC - Legend has it that King Arthur gathered his knights at a round table. Because the table had no head, it signaled that everyone seated at it was respected, and their contributions were welcome. At the FTC, we love the concept of a round table. It's a way to bring together stakeholders for a mutually beneficial discussion. In fact, we're planning a series of roundtable discussions about the challenges small businesses face dealing with cyber threats and data security, and we'd appreciate your thoughts.

Border Patrol Teen Boot Camp at the Yuma County Libraries

Yuma, Arizona - Teens can get fit at the library! Border Patrol officers will lead teens ages 13-17 through Border Patrol Teen Boot Camp at Yuma County Libraries July 19th-26th. Participate in stretches, mild exercises, and learn the importance of healthy eating and staying hydrated.