Monsoon season matters

Yuma, Arizona - Monsoon season has been here officially since June 15th, but we are starting to see more storm activity around the state. We never know when it will be our turn!

Border Patrol Teen Boot Camp at the Yuma County Libraries

Yuma, Arizona - Teens can get fit at the library! Border Patrol officers will lead teens ages 13-17 through Border Patrol Teen Boot Camp at Yuma County Libraries July 19th-26th. Participate in stretches, mild exercises, and learn the importance of healthy eating and staying hydrated.

Fireworks Safety Message

Yuma, Arizona - Fireworks can be enjoyable and spectacular, especially around holidays; however, they can also cause serious injury and start dangerous fires. For these reasons, both the State of Arizona and the City of Yuma regulate their sale, possession and use.

Social Security Matters

Ask Rusty - Divorced Multiple Times

Dear Rusty:  Reading your current letter regarding Social Security benefits for ex-spouses, I pose this question:  Would an individual who has had multiple marriages be entitled to distributions of Social Security for each of his or her marriages?  Signed:  Thrice Divorced

North Korean Missile Launch

Washington, DC - North Korean Missile Launch: