Yuma, Arizona - This morning, between 9:20 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., 34 year old Janice Pablo started 13 fires causing approximately $6,710.00 worth of damages.  Janice Pablo was located in the area of Arizona Avenue and 23rd Street where she was arrested.

Yuma, Arizona - Today, shortly before 2:00 am, a fire was reported in the Cliffs Trailer Park, 2501 South Virginia Drive. First arriving Yuma Fire Department personnel found heavy smoke and flames coming from a structure (determined to be a free standing apartment) on the property. Fire was also beginning to spread to an adjoining mobile home. Firefighters extinguished the fire but the apartment and two mobile homes were severely damaged.

Yuma, Arizona - Today, at 4:10 p.m. officers from the Yuma Police Department responded to the Maverick Bar, 1640 S. 4th Ave, for an Indian Male with an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen.  Patrol officers secured the area and were able to track shoe impressions of a subject southbound through the alleyway and then turning westbound through private yards.  While searching the area officers found a magazine from a handgun, a handgun and clothing, all believed to be used by the shooter.

Yuma, Arizona - The City of Yuma has become aware of heavier traffic in residential areas around road construction zones, particularly around the 16th Street and 4th Avenue improvements project. Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods are not accustomed to the heavy traffic they are experiencing, and some witnessed driver behavior has raised concerns.

Yuma, Arizona - On Saturday, at approximately 1:58 a.m., two Yuma Police Department officers responded to a noise disturbance call at a residence located in the 400 block of South Madison Avenue.  The officers knocked on the front door and announced their presence attempting to make contact with the occupant.  After numerous attempts at the front door to make contact with the occupant, one officer walked around the residence still attempting to make contact with the occupant, while the other officer spoke with a witness.  As the officer who went around the residence came back to the front of the building, the occupant exited the residence with a shotgun and went through the motions used to chamber a round.