Memorandum on Revisions to the 2017 Unified Command Plan

Washington, DC - Pursuant to my authority as Commander in Chief, I hereby approve and direct the implementation of the revised Unified Command Plan.

Measles Continues to Spread - What You Need to Know

Washington, DC - The number of patients diagnosed with measles in the United States continues to grow with 75 new cases reported in the last week, bringing the total to 839 confirmed cases in 23 states.

Yuma Police Officer investigated for sexual offense

Yuma, Arizona - On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the Yuma Police Department received information alleging that a Yuma Police Officer may have had sexual conduct with a minor.  The complaint stated this conduct occurred between 2017 and 2018. 

Children playing with fire

Yuma, Arizona - Every year, kids look forward to vacation time. They will soon be (or already are) off from school for the summer, and that is a safety concern. In the past, children playing with fire have caused some serious damage and last week two fires were reported to have been started by juveniles.

FTC Returns Nearly $315,000 to Consumers Who Bought Worthless Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Programs

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 305 checks totaling $314,945 to consumers who paid up-front for worthless credit card interest rate reduction programs pitched by Payless Solutions using illegal robocalls.