FTC Seeks Public Input On Proposed Changes to the Fuel Economy Guide

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on proposed changes to the Fuel Economy Guide.

Marketplace lending leads off FTC FinTech series

Washington, DC - Looking for a loan? For consumers and small businesses, that used to mean a foray into the paneled offices of something with “First National” in the name and hushed conversations with a guy who looks like the moneybags man on the “Monopoly” board. But the emergence of marketplace lending is changing the face of credit.

NIST, Partners Create Standard to Improve Sustainable Manufacturing

Washington, DC - Anyone who’s ever covered a wall with sticky notes to clearly map all of the steps in a process knows how valuable that exercise can be. It can streamline workflow, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of the end result. Now, a public-private team led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created a new international standard that can “map” the critically important environmental aspects of manufacturing processes, leading to significant improvements in sustainability while keeping a product’s life cycle low cost and efficient.

Energy Department Announces Partnership with CoStar Group, Inc. to Expand Visibility of Energy-Efficient Buildings

Washington, DC - As part of the Obama Administration's effort to cut energy waste in the America's buildings, the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Initiative today announced a partnership with CoStar Group, Inc., a provider of data and intelligence solutions to commercial real estate professionals, to expand the visibility of energy-efficient buildings in U.S. property markets and promote the benefits of energy efficiency for building owners and occupants.

United States-Vietnam Education Cooperation

Washington, DC - The United States is committed to supporting Vietnam’s efforts to develop a 21st century higher education system to produce trained, job-ready graduates with the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly global market. Our collaboration on education pre-dates the reestablishment of diplomatic relations in 1995, has been growing annually, and increasingly features innovative partnerships with higher education institutions and companies.