President Donald J. Trump Signed H.R. 390 into Law

Washington, DC - On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the President signed into law:

NIH-funded tissue chips rocket to International Space Station

Cape Canaveral, Florida - When traveling in space, astronauts experience physiological changes normally associated with aging, such as bone loss, muscle deterioration and altered immune systems. When the astronauts return to Earth, the changes often reverse.

Miura Golf Now Offers Fully Assembled Custom Clubs Direct to Consumers

Scottsdale, Arizona -  Legendary club maker Miura Golf announced that it now offers fully assembled premium golf clubs directly to golfers from its website, Miura's groundbreaking new e-commerce platform, launched over Thanksgiving weekend, allows golfers to pair Miura's highest quality forged steel club heads with matching shafts and grips from some of the game's top manufacturers for a custom built set of clubs.

Man Convicted of Terrorism Offenses After Trying to Join ISIS

Cincinnati, Ohio - Laith Waleed Alebbini, 28, of Dayton, Ohio, was convicted Thursday for attempting and conspiring to join the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Study Resolves Fine Details of How Microscopic Machines Can Fail

Gaithersburg, Maryland - How long can tiny gears and other microscopic moving parts last before they wear out? What are the warning signs that these components are about to fail, which can happen in just a few tenths of a second?