New York - Earlier days of this month, BOC Sciences introduced several isotopes to its isotope labeling services, and now the available isotopes reach a wider species, besides with the customized ones according to the needs of clients. Moreover, additional services are provided to supply services with better experiences.

Isotope variation analysis, isotopic substitution, and isotope labeling are the common forms of isotope application. The first one is frequently used in food industry to determine the geography location of products (adulteration) and various other issues; isotopic substitution is often applied to probe the mechanism of chemical reaction, and isotope labeling for chemical reaction track.

BOC Sciences provides a wide spectrum of isotope labeling services, among which stable isotope labeling and radioisotope labeling are the key ones as they are more frequently needed in chemistry researches and studies. Stable isotope labeling and radioisotope labeling function differently, the former one performs to determine the quantity of the target substances like protein, while radioisotope is often used to track the activity of a certain matter with the help of the radiation they emit. 

BOC Sciences has added several new substances under the category of labeled gases/metal/organics of isotopes for stable isotope labeling to cover a wider range and meet more comprehensive needs from customers. In addition, BOC Sciences also enriched the attached services like storage, repurification, reanalysis, and stability studies to ensure better results of the service.

For radioisotope labeling, BOC Sciences provides fully customized product, services, ways and techniques to track. With the background of excellent synthesis technologies and team, BOC Sciences is also capable of providing radiosynthesis of molecules, peptides and proteins.

About BOC Sciences: BOC Sciences is one of the leading chemical service providers in the world, offering a wide range of such services including custom synthesis, drug discovery and design, crystallization and chiral resolution, along with which, chemical products for researches, studies and bulk products manufacture are also supplied. BOC Sciences is striving to provide better experience of chemical services and products purchasing at a competitive price.