Washington, DC - In recognition of World Teacher’s Day, Governor Doug Ducey today honored the countless ways that teachers contribute to our students, our schools, and our economy in Arizona.

“The positive impact that teachers have on their students expands well beyond the classroom,” said Governor Ducey. “Children take the lessons they learn in school and use them, share them, teach them for the rest of their lives.”

“I spent this year and last year visiting schools across Arizona, and I have been absolutely blown away by the work teachers are doing in some very challenging settings.

“Teachers need to receive the recognition and resources they deserve. You can’t have strong schools without strong teachers, and Arizona will keep doing everything we can to cultivate the strong classroom bond between teachers and students where all learning happens.

“We’ll continue to honor the work of our first-class educators by giving teachers the resources they need to succeed and by empowering them to use their expertise to do so in the best way possible.”