San Luis, Arizona - Travelers planning to cross into the U.S. through Arizona’s Port of San Luis for the upcoming holidays need to plan ahead and make sure they have proper documents in hand due to construction, advises Customs and Border Protection officials.

Washington, DC - The U.S. Navy has deployed unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) to join in the search for the Argentine navy's submarine, A.R.A. San Juan, in South Atlantic waters.

Washington, DC - Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Brett McGurk will lead an interagency delegation to Amman, Jordan for a meeting on November 15 with key members of the Defeat ISIS Coalition.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson: "On behalf of the United States government, I congratulate the people of Latvia on the 99th anniversary of your independence.

Washington, DC - The United States and China convened their second nuclear smuggling consultation on November 9th in Shanghai to reaffirm their joint commitment and continued resolve to counter the threat of nuclear terrorism. The consultation was the culmination of a weeklong engagement, beginning with a tour highlighting the operations of the radiation detection system at the Port of Yangshan and a scenario-based policy discussion focused on U.S. and Chinese response to a fictional smuggling scenario.