Obama administration call with Governors reveals disturbing information on handling of UACs

Phoenix, Arizona - President Barack Obama administration’s call with Governors reveals disturbing information regarding handling of unaccompanied alien children:

First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Seven Organizations Join Drink Up Effort

Washington, DC - Today, First Lady Michelle Obama joined the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to announce that seven organizations have joined or renewed their support for the Drink Up effort, which encourages people across the country to drink more water, more often.  Brita®, First 5 Santa Clara County, Haws Corporation™, Nalgene® Outdoor Products, S’well Bottle, Santa Clara Valley Water District and The California Endowment will support Drink Up by promoting its messages on water filtration systems, re-usable water bottles, drinking fountains or other products and programs. 

President Obama statement on Meeting with the Crew and Family of Apollo 11

Washington, DC - President Barack Obama: "Forty-five years ago, while the world watched as one, the United States of America set foot on the moon.  It was a seminal moment not just in our country’s history, but the history of all humankind. 

San Diego Sockers announce affiliate agreement with Arizona Impact

San Diego, California - The San Diego Sockers today announced a new affiliate agreement with the Arizona Impact for the 2014-15 MASL season. Impact players will be available to the Sockers for selection during the season at the parent club’s discretion. The Impact will play in the PASL Premier League alongside the Sockers’ other feeder club, the Sockers Reserve.

Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge Finalists Compete in $2 Million Pitch Competition

Washington, DC - The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with the World Environment Center (WEC), has invited twelve (12) finalists of the Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge to compete in a pitch competition on July 25 at 12:00pm at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Keep your Made in USA claims red, white, and true

Washington, DC - There sure are a lot of seals out there. The British singer. The Navy special ops unit. The aquatic mammal. But the seals that matter to the FTC are certifications that convey representations consumers might not be able to evaluate for themselves. If your company makes Made in the USA claims, you’ll want to “Get Closer.” (And yes, that was a hit by 70s folk rockers, Seals and Crofts.)