Lawyer and Internet Radio Talk Show Host Convicted in $9.7 Million Mortgage Fraud Schemes

Chicago, Illinois - An Illinois lawyer and Internet radio talk show host was convicted today on federal charges for engaging in two mortgage fraud schemes that defrauded lenders of a total of approximately $9.7 million. The defendant, Warren Ballentine, schemed with others to obtain more than two dozen fraudulent mortgage loans and represented buyers at multiple closings, knowing that they were fraudulently qualified for loans to purchase homes in Chicago and various southern suburbs.

Former Army Contracting Official Sentenced to Four Years in Prison in Bribery and Kickback Scheme

Washington, DC - In Seon Lim, a former contracting official for the U.S. Department of the Army, was sentenced today to four years in prison for his role in a scheme in which he accepted over $490,000 worth of benefits, including cash payments and vacations, from favored contractors. In return, he helped these businesses obtain millions of dollars in federal contracts.

Georgia Residents Charged for Their Role in Subjecting Hispanics to Unlawful Traffic Stops

Atlanta, Georgia - Today, the Justice Department announced that the Grand Jury for the Middle District of Georgia charged Miguel Angel Reyes and Gloria Gallego with conspiring with former Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Stacks to use Stacks’ law enforcement authority to violate Hispanic motorists’ civil rights, as well as with actually carrying out the scheme. The indictment was unsealed for Reyes yesterday and for Gallego today.

NASA Seeks Ultra-lightweight Materials to Help Enable Journey to Mars

Washington, DC - NASA is seeking proposals to develop and manufacture ultra-lightweight materials for aerospace vehicles and structures of the future. Proposals will demonstrate lower-mass alternatives to honeycomb or foam cores currently used in composite sandwich structures.

President Obama’s Meeting with the National Security Council on ISIL

Washington, DC - This afternoon at the Department of State, the President met with his National Security Council to discuss the status of the comprehensive campaign to counter ISIL.  He received an update on the political and security situation in Iraq and Syria.  The President reviewed ongoing coalition efforts to help train, advise, and equip Iraqi ground forces to reinforce their capacity to effectively counter ISIL.  He also discussed ways to continue to support and strengthen the moderate Syrian opposition in coordination with regional partners.

Consumer Reports Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Doctors Concerned About Use of Antibiotics in Healthy Livestock

Washington, DC - The overwhelming majority of doctors -  93 percent - are concerned about the common meat industry practice of using antibiotics on healthy animals for growth promotion and disease prevention, according to a new poll released today by Consumer Reports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many other public health organizations have warned that the misuse of antibiotics on healthy livestock is making these medications less effective for treating disease in people.