Making The Most Of Mobility In Your Business

Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - If you’re like most people in business today, you feel the need to be available 24/7 and “do it all.” This brings a call for more flexibility and the ability to work in a way that best suits our individual style. Mobile technologies are essential to bringing work and home lives together and helping people access files, e-mails and schedules anytime, anywhere, with the touch of a finger.

Collecting just the right data

Yuma, Arizona - Much artificial-intelligence research addresses the problem of making predictions based on large data sets. An obvious example is the recommendation engines at retail sites like Amazon and Netflix.

Building up bamboo

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Bamboo construction has traditionally been rather straightforward: Entire stalks are used to create latticed edifices, or woven in strips to form wall-sized screens. The effect can be stunning, and also practical in parts of the world where bamboo thrives.

Making the cut

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Diode lasers - used in laser pointers, barcode scanners, DVD players, and other low-power applications - are perhaps the most efficient, compact, and low-cost lasers available.

Prepare For Extreme Weather By Being A Force Of Nature

Washington, DC (NAPSI) - When it comes to dealing with extreme weather such as hurricanes, planning and preparedness can pay big dividends. That’s the word from the experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA.

Hacker Charged with Breaching Multiple Government Computers and Stealing Thousands of Employee and Financial Records

Washington, DC - Lauri Love, 29, of Stradishall, England, was indicted today by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on charges of conspiracy, causing damage to a protected computer, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft.