Phoenix, Arizona - Following a month of continued economic growth, Arizona’s unemployment rate has dropped to 4.5%, its lowest level since December 2007.

Phoenix, Arizona - A new report published by the Arizona Governor’s Office shows military installations in the state continue to be major economic drivers, responsible for tens of thousands of jobs and over $250 million in local and state tax revenue. The report, which was commissioned by the Arizona Commerce Authority in 2014 and prepared by the Maguire Company, states that Arizona’s six military installations and four National Guard operations are responsible for creating over 76,000 direct and indirect jobs and account for nearly $11.5 billion in annual economic output.

Sells, Arizona - Border Patrol agents from the Casa Grande Station encountered four illegal aliens in the mountains west of Sells, Arizona, Tuesday afternoon; one of whom required an aerial extraction by an Arizona Department of Public Safety helicopter.

Nogales, Arizona - Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents from the Nogales Station arrested two United States citizens from Tucson, Arizona for smuggling one illegal alien in the trunk of a car stopped at the Interstate 19 immigration checkpoint Thursday evening.

Phoenix, Arizona - Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP-AZ) has launched a new direct mail effort to continue educating Arizonans about the positive impact the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program is having in improving education outcomes. Arizona is a leader in promoting education freedom policies and ESAs are currently available to 3,500 students to attend the school of their choice. This year, the Arizona legislature voted to expand access to the ESA program to nearly all students.